A Day In The Life

Valentines Shmalentines

Myself and my partner don’t really do Valentine’s day, going out and spending a fortune on a day that is so over-commercialized. We do however, normally spend a little time picking out a fitting card. This year, thankfully, we both didn’t bother. I’d been feeling guilty about the shit card I picked up at Aldi yesterday and the even shitter message I quickly scrawled inside, in-between looking after our poorly boys.

Later in the evening, after putting our boys to bed and completely forgetting about valentines day and the crap card I’d strategically tried to misplace (in a innocent, I did get you a card but I can’t remember where I put it, way) I came down to find a card placed on the table, balancing in front of a box of chocolates AND a bottle of prosecco. The wave of guilt washed over me as I carefully opened this card

After spending two minutes trying to understand what it said and then realising it was a Galentine’s card. I burst into laughter, the guilt immediately slipping away once I understood that he had put just as much effort in as I had and picked up a last minute card that was meant to be sent to your Girl friends. I must add that the message inside was lovely and sentimental and he was points up for the chocs and fizz.

I actually couldn’t have asked for a better card, it made me laugh so much and is so typical of JP (my partner, who isn’t the most observant)

Moral of the story, kids, there’s much more important things in life other than what you did or didn’t get on valentines day. I will never understand the people that post messages to their partners on social media, like do you not live with your partner? Could you not just tell them face to face? I can’t help but see it as, “look at how much he loves me!” Or “I just have to show you how in love we are”

In my opinion, if you are so in love you wouldn’t find the need to validate it by bragging all over social media.

I’m not a bitch I promise, maybe slightly over-opinionated but hey-ho

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