Moaning Monday's

Moaning Monday’s

Monday’s are made for moaning…

Do you ever feel like you’re the star of Groundhog day? I definitely do. I work from home and care for my children, so my days can merge into one because of the routine I’m so used to. Dirty nappies, preparing food, cleaning and trying to find a quiet second to write before I’m cruelly dragged back to reality by a small voice shouting “Mummy”

And then the sequence starts again…

Until 6.30pm and its bedtime for our boys, I can let my hair down now, right? Party like it’s 1999?

Of course not! This is when I work, organising my small business and creating my products and orders while we watch Netflix or YouTube EVERY NIGHT.

Don’t get me wrong I’m so lucky to be able to watch my children grow and develop, it is the most precious of moments. I live for the weekends when Daddy’s home and we can take the kids on adventures and visit cool places, this is what keeps me going during the week. Which makes the dawning of Monday morning all that more dreary.

I’m not completely selfish, I feel for you hard workers out there the most. Heading back into the daily grind after a weekend at home. Entering the mundane work life after a couple of days spending quality time with your family. Even you wild folk that have spent the weekend partying and haven’t quite recovered yet, I feel for you too, though admittedly not as much.

Yes, I’m jealous!

Tonight I’m determined to liven it up a bit with a very rare evening out. Food, drinks and something fun, I’m hoping I can convince my partner to do a bit of laser tag or bowling. Wish me luck!

How do you guys switch up your daily routines? I would love to hear from you.

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